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api 1022 Multiple 'Set-Cookie' header within Header struct (VirtualService) 07-Aug-2019 06-Jul-2021 mbanikazemi, rshriram
api 1115 VMs: Need ability to terminate HTTPs at sidecar & initiate https to inbound endpoint 06-Oct-2019 30-Oct-2019
api 1205 Evaluate Kubernetes hierarchical namespace support 17-Dec-2019 10-May-2020 costinm, smawson, linsun, dcberg, rshriram, louiscryan, liminw
api 1357 Support for envoy rate limit 27-Mar-2020 11-Jun-2020
istio 18235 [ testing] Need test for request routing 23-Oct-2019 21-Jan-2020
istio 19967 [ testing] Need test for Visualizing Your Mesh 07-Jan-2020 03-Feb-2020
istio 20161 [ testing] Need test for Kubernetes Services for Egress Traffic 14-Jan-2020 20-Feb-2020
istio 20162 [ testing] Need test for Authorization for TCP Traffic 14-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20163 [ testing] Need test for Authentication Policy 14-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020
istio 20164 [ testing] Need test for Provisioning Identity through SDS 14-Jan-2020 13-Feb-2020
istio 20165 [ testing] Need test for Istio DNS Certificate Management 14-Jan-2020 21-Jan-2020
istio 20166 [ testing] Need test for Istio Webhook Management 14-Jan-2020 18-Jan-2020
istio 20282 Open design docs to the public 17-Jan-2020 05-Jun-2020
istio 20411 [ testing] Need test for Remote Access of Telemetry Addons 22-Jan-2020 26-Jan-2020
istio 20493 [ testing] Need test for Automatic Mutual TLS 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20494 [ testing] Need test for Mutual TLS Over HTTPS 24-Jan-2020 20-Feb-2020
istio 20495 [ testing] Need test for Plugging in External CA Key and Certificate 24-Jan-2020 11-Feb-2020
istio 20498 [ testing] Need test for Authorization for Policy Trust Domain Migration 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20499 [ testing] Need test for Secure Gateways 24-Jan-2020 17-Feb-2020
istio 20501 [ testing] Need test for Ingress Gateway without TLS Termination 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20502 [ testing] Need test for Kubernetes Ingress with Cert-Manager 24-Jan-2020 17-Feb-2020
istio 20503 [ testing] Need test for Authorization for groups and list claims 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20505 [ testing] Need test for Enabling Policy Enforcement 24-Jan-2020 19-Feb-2020
istio 20506 [ testing] Need test for Enabling Rate Limits 24-Jan-2020 24-Feb-2020
istio 20507 [ testing] Need test for Denials and White/Black Listing 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20509 [ testing] Need test for Control Headers and Routing 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 20510 [ testing] Need test for Secure Gateways (File Mount) 24-Jan-2020 28-Jan-2020
istio 22588 Unclear documentation 30-Mar-2020 31-Jul-2020 5935 Istio egress example doesn't work with multicluster replicated control panel setup. -> unknown cluster 'outbound|80||' 29-Nov-2019 24-Mar-2020 5961 inject sidecar by annotation '' to deploymentconfig 03-Dec-2019 27-Mar-2020 6159 Protobuf docs should be restructured 21-Dec-2019 07-Oct-2020 6332 The cherrypick/release-x.x label is unreliable 10-Jan-2020 26-Jun-2020 6344 Translate pt-br progress 16-Jan-2020 03-Jun-2020 gbaufake 6369 Question: how to add out-of-process adapters to the adapters page on 27-Jan-2020 21-Feb-2020 6509 Describe how to find ports on istiogateway in troubleshooting section of `Ingress Gateway` 19-Feb-2020 27-Feb-2020 6565 [ testing] Need test for Kubernetes Ingress with Cert-Manager 24-Jan-2020 02-Apr-2020 6579 [ testing] Need test for Visualizing Your Mesh 07-Jan-2020 02-Apr-2020 su225 6695 Telemetry tasks 03-Mar-2020 07-Mar-2020 mandarjog 6840 No switch to an older version of documentation 10-Mar-2020 17-Mar-2020 7243 Central istiod configuration step for multicluster 08-May-2020 21-May-2020 7428 Empty state button on homepage 28-May-2020 13-May-2022 7535 Require 2 approvers for any blogs 11-Jun-2020 30-Jul-2020 linsun 7574 Make content versioning only apply to docs 16-Jun-2020 25-Jun-2020 davidhauck 7700 Extreme envoy memory usage when using a large number of http-match rules in a VirtualService 10-Jul-2020 13-May-2021 7708 Automatically update istio/istio dependencies more frequently 10-Jul-2020 14-Jul-2020 7770 Clicking a tab in reference changes focus of all tabs 22-Jul-2020 31-Jul-2020 7848 Changes for 03-Aug-2020 18-Aug-2020
test-infra 2171 Need a way to test postsubmit jobs in presusbmit 03-Dec-2019 26-Mar-2020
test-infra 2349 Test result analytics 06-Feb-2020 04-Apr-2020