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environments 9
environments/operator 2
extensions and telemetry 1
networking 21
networking/envoy/wasm 1
perf and scalability 4
security 5
test and release 3
unassigned 22
upgrade 5
user experience 6
All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 30625 istioctl x create-remote-secret createsinvalid certificate chain 03-Feb-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 31185 Show changes that will be made in the cluster before applying in istioctl 02-Mar-2021 01-Dec-2021 litong01
istio 31244 Consider adopting cluster alt_stat_name 04-Mar-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 31624 Istio1.9 integration with virtual machine (aws ec2) getting host file as empty 22-Mar-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 32280 fix cross-cluster gRPC in security tests 19-Apr-2021 01-Dec-2021 jtrbs
istio 32364 Allow opt-out of multicluster SDS 21-Apr-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 32552 Statefulset DNS tests fail in all postsubmit tests 30-Apr-2021 01-Dec-2021 howardjohn
istio 33050 servicediscovery delete ip2instance map by ip may lost other port 24-May-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33066 Configure Istio proxy PILOT_ADDRESS with DNS_NAME 24-May-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33070 Multicluster local headless service 25-May-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33134 Deployment revision label should have precedence over namespace revision label 27-May-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33146 Sidecar in VM fails to start due to "failed to warm certificate: failed to generate workload certificate: create certificate" 27-May-2021 01-Dec-2021 williamaronli
istio 33229 Support HorizontalPodAutoscaler behavior in Istio Operator 02-Jun-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33230 Support no HorizontalPodAutoscaler with Istio Operator 02-Jun-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33249 Customise the text returned when a request is routed into fault/abort 03-Jun-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33295 wasm: optimize proxy_wasm::null_plugin::getProperty and/or usages of it 07-Jun-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 33848 Multi-Primary multicluster 06-Jul-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34246 Istio multicluster routing does not work properly when `NodePort` east-west gateway is used with external traffic policy set to `Local` 22-Jul-2021 01-Dec-2021 su225
istio 34266 How to enable alpha Envoy feature: WAVM runtime 22-Jul-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34431 Istio resets service/ingress-service configuration (istioctl / operator) 30-Jul-2021 01-Dec-2021 litong01
istio 34667 Disabling Retries by setting attemps=0 on egress virtual service is not reflected in istio proxy config 12-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 ChenglongGao327
istio 34682 Istio UX 1.12 roadmap 13-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 therealmitchconnors, esnible
istio 34783 VirtualService is ignored for egress traffic 19-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34822 sidecar-injection: global.proxy.resources cannot affect sidecar's resources if `` annotations exists 23-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34827 Not able to connect to Oracle cluster DB using SCAN IP Address using external service and Istio service entry 23-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34835 Use gateway injection for east-west gatewat 23-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34837 [release-1.10] feat: annotations on gateway serviceaccount 23-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 brian-avery
istio 34838 [release-1.11] feat: annotations on gateway serviceaccount 23-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 brian-avery
istio 34851 Missing Helm Chart 1.8.0 24-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34867 istiod-remote can't use revision-based canary upgrade mechanism 25-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34870 Misnamed ports cause ingress gateway to bypass sidecars 25-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34871 [release-1.11] Connect external control plane to remote cluster after install 25-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 frankbu
istio 34877 Random TCP Resets 25-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34880 Internal mesh traffic between HTTPS services fails 26-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34891 502 not being retried as expected, presented with a URX 26-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34895 Dramatic increases in Envoy memory usage under load? 26-Aug-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 34903 Secret is not supplied by SDS 27-Aug-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 34904 istio-cni-node CrashLoopBackOff istio 1.10.4 27-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34906 Egress port are not created if there is not kubernetes service in the hosts list 27-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34914 Upgrade from 1.9.8 to 1.10.4 fails on Windows 28-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34918 [release-1.10] 301 redirect in VirtualHost when server HttpsRedirect true 30-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 zufardhiyaulhaq
istio 34919 [release-1.10] 301 redirect in VirtualHost when server HttpsRedirect true 30-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021 zufardhiyaulhaq
istio 34920 upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers. reset reason: connection failure, transport failure reason: TLS error: 268435581:SSL routines:OPENSSL_internal:CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED 30-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34925 traffic playback with istio 30-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34938 Empty operator spec after apply valid configuration 30-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34941 Limit amount of files in test dump 31-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34950 delta: eds/sds removedresources fix 31-Aug-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34973 Intermittently lost HTTP/GRPC responses 01-Sep-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34987 Failed to mount certs for new SA 01-Sep-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34988 External Authorization doesn't take effect when i upgrade istio from 1.9 to 1.10 01-Sep-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34989 Connection reset by peer when use TCP protocol 01-Sep-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 34994 Istio installation error 01-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 35001 Single Istio Gateway with TCP protocol is not routing the traffic with Virtual Services defined in different namespaces 02-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 35004 Mapping istioOperatorSpec fields to istio helm 02-Sep-2021 02-Dec-2021
istio 35390 Add injection label 27-Sep-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35507 test removing a remote secret 07-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35513 [WIP] Tree view for bug-report CRDs, run analyze first 07-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35641 Feature/wildcard matching 17-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35642 fix: don't remove finalizer of IstioOperator when action is still required 17-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35680 Support multiple trust domains in trustbundle pkg. 20-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35687 [WIP] Ipv6 for metallb 20-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021
istio 35723 limit JWKS body size 25-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 yangminzhu
istio 35779 Fix(workload): return the istio-eastwestgateway address of primary 28-Oct-2021 01-Dec-2021 10079 Istio Meetup China Report 15-Jul-2021 25-Aug-2021
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan