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Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 30762 Allow usage of an external SDS with relevant configuration 09-Feb-2021 21-May-2022
istio 34051 TestServiceExportedInOneCluster test flake 14-Jul-2021 21-May-2022 nmittler
istio 34385 vm support: `envoy` process stays alive after running `sudo systemctl stop istio` 28-Jul-2021 21-May-2022
istio 35267 ECDS based Wasm filter configuration causes proxy segmentation fault 18-Sep-2021 21-May-2022
istio 35692 helm install doesn't work at all 20-Oct-2021 21-May-2022
istio 35736 IstioOperator is not in client-go 26-Oct-2021 21-May-2022
istio 35915 prometheus scraping config doesn't support ipv6 05-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 35993 Clearer information on adding intermediate certificates to Ingress Gateways 10-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 36000 Test that istioctl kube-inject works without access to the cluster 10-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 36002 Enable more istiod remote security tests 10-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 36093 Unable to configure TLS origination with postgres 15-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 36170 Feature Request - extract locality from Endpoint Slices 19-Nov-2021 21-May-2022
istio 36190 How DestinationRule subsets support set-based label selector 22-Nov-2021 22-May-2022
istio 36214 Fix istioctl analyze having new config store errors 23-Nov-2021 21-May-2022 therealmitchconnors
istio 36750 Traces being sampled when sample rate set to 0 07-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36833 Istio can't seem to track traffic from Kong across namespaces 14-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36864 Can not route no domain suffix host while there are a serviceentry 18-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36884 auto set concurrency for gateways from cpu limit 19-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36886 Istio operator is broken with access denied 19-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36890 fix pending when not deploy pilot success then immidate delete istiooperator cr 19-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 36913 A particular pattern of SE was broken between version upgrade from 1.10.5 to 1.11.2 20-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37056 Probes intended for proxyless gRPC can break other setups 27-Jan-2022 21-May-2022 stevenctl
istio 37074 Fix probe restore cannot match - issue. 29-Jan-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37095 Remove or enable `PILOT_ENABLE_DESTINATION_RULE_INHERITANCE` by default 01-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 GregHanson
istio 37123 [AuthorizationPolicy] Rule not working when path exists. 02-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 yangminzhu
istio 37152 gRPC client request to xDS server 03-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 stevenctl
istio 37176 specifying passphrase for the cert key 04-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37189 Install Istio 1.12 in GKE cluster using Helm failed 07-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37221 RequestAuthentication doesn't get distributed to envoy proxy in namespace 08-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37229 `pilot_duplicate_envoy_clusters` when specify a k8s svc in Serviceentry.Hosts 09-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37231 Unbalanced load balancing 09-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37235 bug-report: support distroless 09-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 kebe7jun
istio 37245 [release-1.12] istioctl: fix order dependant tests 09-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 howardjohn
istio 37262 how to split the traffic with no of connection 10-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37268 TestXFFGateway test flake 10-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37269 Improve test dumping logic 10-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37270 TestAuthorization_Custom: reuse common apps 10-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37272 Ingressgateways not coming up on istio >= 1.11 with a lot of certificates 10-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37289 can not access https site 11-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37322 Open policy agent example 14-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37323 Istio-cni pod fails to start UDS Log Server 14-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37324 Istioctl use of global variables prevents concurrent use 14-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37343 Issue with the Machine learning application which is written in python. connection timeout retries and internal server error 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37344 Hi issue with ssl/tls on EKS cluster. 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37347 Support more layers in the OCIArtifactImage format of wasm image. 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37354 Umbrella Issue: [unit test] Improve code coverage for complete code base 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37362 Missing LABELS metadata regression in istio 1.12 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 hzxuzhonghu
istio 37364 _anonymous_match_nothing_ 15-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37371 Allow outbound passthrough on reserved ports 16-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37379 tf: retry kind cluster creation 16-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37380 Stackdriver port-forward stability 16-Feb-2022 21-May-2022 bianpengyuan
istio 37382 Constant `istioctl wait` failures in test 16-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37394 AuthorizationPolicy doesn't work with authorization header 17-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37396 envoy consume high memory but heap profiler can't report cause 17-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37445 Istio is not reflecting Envoy Filter changes on the istio-ingressgateway 18-Feb-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37702 ` clean` always tries to clean the Istio iptables chains 03-Mar-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37876 vm support: allow multiple Istio Proxies on a single VM 11-Mar-2022 21-May-2022
istio 37943 Add new ENVs for GCP to allow specification of project and location 15-Mar-2022 21-May-2022 howardjohn
istio 38247 Add lifecycle and terminationGracePeriodSeconds overrides to gateway(s) helm charts 05-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38254 Fixes panic during injection from ConfigMap fallback 06-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38364 Prevent unknown fields set during translate 13-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38399 use empty composite filter when the ECDS of wasm filter is not arrived 15-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38408 Update istio-mesh-dashboard.json 15-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38430 testing multicluster env 18-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
istio 38446 Validate all local IPs of service proxy in dual-stack clusters 19-Apr-2022 21-May-2022
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan