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ambient 12
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extensions and telemetry 1
networking 16
perf and scalability 2
security 2
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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 26813 Optimize the namespace translation for operator api 26-Aug-2020 27-May-2023
istio 34995 Implement Endpointslice FQDN addresses 01-Sep-2021 27-May-2023
istio 41217 Ambient: no iptables rules generated in bridge network 29-Sep-2022 27-May-2023
istio 41351 pilot agent and istiod (and probably any other istio go based process) needs to set GOMAXPROCS to ~ cpu request/limit (x2?) 10-Oct-2022 27-May-2023
istio 41527 IP level client policy & telemetry 19-Oct-2022 27-May-2023
istio 41854 [Documentation] TUNNEL 08-Nov-2022 28-May-2023
istio 41977 AuthorizationPolicy/CustomProvider does not recover when outside istioNamespace 14-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 41980 Validate route for every match defined in VirtualService 14-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42009 Add documentation for Istio support for gRPC's proxyless service mesh features 15-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42010 Sidecar injection should work with hostNetwork when injecting grpc-agent 15-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42014 VMs: document and test running proxy in docker 15-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42077 where can I find the logs of istio-cni and how can I config the log level of istio-cni 20-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42152 Tunneling HTTP traffic transparently 24-Nov-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42315 Add XDS benchmarks for ambient 06-Dec-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42325 'istioctl' commands failing in IPv6-only EKS environment (redux) 07-Dec-2022 27-May-2023 Xunzhuo
istio 42457 Move waypoints to Delta XDS 14-Dec-2022 27-May-2023
istio 42730 ztunnel has dangerous preStop hook 09-Jan-2023 27-May-2023
istio 42853 connection_security_policy: set to `mutual_tls` when using HBONE 18-Jan-2023 27-May-2023
istio 42934 allow wasm plugin secret to be read from any namespace 22-Jan-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43054 Ingress gateway caches waypoint IP during create/delete 30-Jan-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43095 istio-proxy on app pod reported "envoy.config.listener.v3.Listener rejected, has duplicate address" 02-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43185 GKE - error fetching GCP Metadata on cluster with Workload Identity 07-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43241 ambient: consider allowing hostname `:authority` header 09-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43246 ambient: investigate if hostNetwork is needed for CNI 09-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43248 ztunnel: allow proxy config via configmap 09-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43268 Spire integration with Istio, Istio proxy readiness probe failed: HTTP probe failed with statuscode: 503 10-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43301 App outbound connecting timed out because App selected an ephemeral port that collisions with the existing socket on 15001(outbound) listener 12-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43306 ztunnel failing with error - MountVolume.SetUp failed for volume "istiod-ca-cert" : configmap "istio-ca-root-cert" not found 13-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43307 ISTIO TELEMETRY - Create metric 13-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43308 ISTIO TELEMETRY - Create metric with dimensions 13-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43309 Follow up on #25640 - Bookinfo sample application does not run in IPV4 ONLY clusters 13-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43312 istio operator stuck after adding new label 13-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43324 The usage holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts and vault-agent-init problem 14-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43348 istio stopped working after AKS cluster update from 1.15 to 1.23 15-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43357 DestinationRule's consecutiveGatewayErrors takes into account 500 errors 15-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43373 [release-1.17] Add additional istiod keepalive arguments 15-Feb-2023 27-May-2023 jacob-delgado
istio 43383 Error: Internal:Proto constraint validation failed when applying envoyfilter 15-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43387 envoy: disable HTTP sniffing with HTTP authz policies 15-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43397 Original source ip address of client 16-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43442 graceful shutdown for ambient 17-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43445 controller event ordering fuzzing 17-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43447 Merge proxy into main repo 17-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43460 istio as forward proxy from external to external 20-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43462 Balancing between 2 domains does not work as described in / 20-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43473 K8s service, virtual-service and gateway are set-up, but unable to configure istio ingress. 20-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43526 [release-1.17] Fix PrivateKeyProvider's problem with proxy-config 22-Feb-2023 27-May-2023 astronaut0131
istio 43527 SSL broken after istio upgrade 22-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43534 SSH access stops working (Can't connect to LDAP server) when istio vm agent not working properly 22-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43555 Istiod crashes creating sidecar injector 23-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43566 Istio ingress controller does not respect k8s default back end 23-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43569 Istio Helm charts should not assume that the release is in the istioNamespace 23-Feb-2023 27-May-2023 keithmattix
istio 43579 Istio internal DNS resolution intermittent failures 24-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43586 ambient: allow istio-system in the mesh 24-Feb-2023 27-May-2023 howardjohn
istio 43602 Proxy version regex/prefix is too wide 25-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43608 How to access outside k8s services from inside mesh in the same cluster? 25-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43611 Cannot create pod in istio install multicluster 25-Feb-2023 28-May-2023
istio 43618 Not receiving body in custom auth external authorizer even with includeRequestBodyInCheck set. 25-Feb-2023 27-May-2023
istio 43754 connect: better operational controls 03-Mar-2023 27-May-2023
istio 44429 set workingDNSServer ttl to 0 and incremented MinGatewayTTL 18-Apr-2023 27-May-2023
istio 44444 Feature: Add a switch in ExternalIstiod mode to determine whether to add configCluster to the multicluster 20-Apr-2023 27-May-2023
istio 44536 Add MDS test for ztunnel 25-Apr-2023 27-May-2023
istio 44542 Add gateway support for minReadySeconds 25-Apr-2023 27-May-2023
istio 44588 istiod-remote: copy all templates 26-Apr-2023 27-May-2023 frankbu
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019