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Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 30598 Add matchExpressions to WorkLoadSelector 02-Feb-2021 28-Sep-2022
istio 33940 Forward destination_service from source proxy 09-Jul-2021 28-Sep-2022
istio 36231 'Chiron' MeshConfig.Certificates broken on 1.22+ 24-Nov-2021 28-Sep-2022
istio 36703 TestWorkloadHealthChecker_PerformApplicationHealthCheck test flake 04-Jan-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 36944 istio-1.13.5,1.14.1 and earlier verify-install failing with ✘ ValidatingWebhookConfiguration: istio-validator-istio-system.istio-system: the server could not find the requested resource 22-Jan-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 38747 Istio Operator chart overlapping labels (when running side by side) 05-May-2022 28-Sep-2022 litong01
istio 38872 Multicluster config generates error mesage noise in istiod log 12-May-2022 28-Sep-2022 AndreaM12345
istio 38880 istiod-default-validator validating webhook not purged affecting reinstall on different namespace 12-May-2022 28-Sep-2022 litong01
istio 39005 Incorrect injection label behavior and incorrect docs 18-May-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39510 Update istioctl release URLs to consistently include platform and arch 17-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39534 Gateway chart HPA v2 check using deprecated Helm .Capabilities.KubeVersion.GitVersion object 21-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39545 Unable to use oauth2 proxy via EnvoyFilter; secret load issue 22-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39566 mesh h2UpgradePolicy: UPGRADE causes http2 requests to be made to external http endpoints 23-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39573 Error [IST0139] (MutatingWebhookConfiguration istio-sidecar-injector) 23-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39614 source_cluster unset in TCP telemetry 24-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39627 Assertion failure crash 25-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39637 Unable to configure custom CA for installation process 27-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39697 proxy-wasm fails due to missing import: wasi_snapshot_preview1.poll_oneoff, sched_yield 29-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39700 Automtls passthrough requests behave differently for headless 29-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39703 Unable to use boolean JWT claims 29-Jun-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 39706 Envoy disconnects and throws UPE error when the HTTP header "accept-encoding" is set to "gzip" or "deflate" 29-Jun-2022 29-Sep-2022
istio 39712 Envoy proxy sending payload to the wrong cluster (istio-eastwestgateway) 30-Jun-2022 29-Sep-2022
istio 39716 TestWasmStatsFilter test flake: TLS not properly terminated? 30-Jun-2022 29-Sep-2022
istio 39986 Fixed bugs for ServiceEntry generated clusters are not matched in IPv6 only cluster 19-Jul-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40162 fix generate manifest duplicate services and endpoints 29-Jul-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40409 wip: experimental with single listener for headless 11-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40455 Add lifecycle + terminationgracepriod to GW Chart 15-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40506 Enable locality failover without outlier detection if unready endpoints are sent to Envoy 17-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40509 draft: support passing Secret source over MCP 17-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40536 [For-testing-purpose-only, do-not-review] ignoring authz policy with http attributes on non sniffing tcp ports 18-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40555 move namespacecontroller and injection webhook patcher into management kube controller 19-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40568 Consider the health of remote endpoints when applying the Split Horizon EDS 20-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40599 added new TCP based test for deny policies 22-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
istio 40657 Fix race-condition with istio-ca-cert creation 25-Aug-2022 28-Sep-2022
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 29-Jul-2022 bianpengyuan