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Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 29413 istioctl verify-install failed w/ "incomplete or does not match" with "waiting for deployment istiod rollout to finish" 04-Dec-2020 30-Sep-2023
istio 40605 TestTraffic/instanceip/instance_IP_with_wildcard_sidecar ipv6 failure 23-Aug-2022 30-Sep-2023
istio 42335 Need a design doc for onboarding services on VM to ambient 07-Dec-2022 30-Sep-2023
istio 42337 Support Wasm for waypoint proxy 07-Dec-2022 30-Sep-2023 YachikaRalhan
istio 42343 Support plugin your own intermediate cert with ambient 07-Dec-2022 30-Sep-2023
istio 42750 Need a doc plan for ambient alpha 10-Jan-2023 30-Sep-2023 linsun
istio 43763 use standard Envoy interval reporting for telemetry 03-Mar-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44078 Add better control of environment variables in istio-ingress chart 23-Mar-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44084 Allow multiple service entries with identical hostname 24-Mar-2023 30-Sep-2023 zhaohuabing
istio 44178 Change eastwest-gateway from L4 proxy to L7 proxy on multi-network. 30-Mar-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44336 Suddenly received thousands of CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED errors in a Production GKE Cluster 11-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44364 Implement special case handling of EnvoyFilter for cluster having transport_socket_matches defined 13-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44507 failed to update resource with server-side apply for obj HorizontalPodAutoscaler/istio-system/ 24-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44554 L7 AuthorizationPolicies are partially translated into ztunnel 26-Apr-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 44829 clear the route cache for ext authz 09-May-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45190 Why set DEFAULT_WORKLOAD_CERT_TTL not work? 30-May-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45332 Istio virtual service multiple services with the same host 07-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45408 Issue with AuthorizationPolicy configuration for JWT authentication in Istio 12-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45539 Issues with achieving multicluster communication with istio 19-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45541 How is istio-peer-exchange ALPNgenerated? 19-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45551 ambient: traffic passing through istio-gateway does not gain TLS communication 20-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45571 Not able to lauch istio-operator and ingressgateway with private image repo 21-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45573 Istio sidecar has dozens of wasm vms 21-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45581 AuthorizationPolicy exclude hosts/services from oauth redirection (open them to world) 21-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45590 Follow up on enable-core-dump flag 21-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45591 Adopt golang 1.21 21-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023 howardjohn
istio 45595 gencheck_istio output has duplicate imports 22-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45602 Lost previous envoy VM logs in tests 22-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023 howardjohn
istio 45604 Turn down or down-scope policy bot 22-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45605 Schema validation error: "http3-post-connect-failure" is not a valid retryOn policy 22-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45610 Can Istio Ingress Gateway run on host network? 22-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45623 GatewayModifyListeners test flake 23-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45627 `holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts` and `restartPolicy: OnFailure` results in permanent breakage if the wait fails 23-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45633 add support for virtual service in delta clusters 24-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45654 Fix analyze parsing empty resource error 26-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45657 Istio-proxy should retry retriable/recoverable requests to ext-auth-server 26-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45668 DestinationRule traffic policy disables retryRemoteLocalities 26-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45676 Ambient integration with Kiali 27-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45698 how to config a whitelist by authorizationpolicy in custom auth case 28-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45720 HOST_IP variable interpolation broken in ingress gateways when using BOOTSTRAP_XDS_AGENT=true 28-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45729 Istio does not generate the following metrics for HTTP, HTTP/2, and GRPC traffic. 29-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45738 Allow the use of hostNetwork=true for pilot so webhooks can be accessing using different a different CNI in EKS and other cloud based k8s distros 29-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45752 Kubernetes Ingress Resource does not work 30-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45756 API server removed from endpoints in multi-cluster mesh with istio 1.17 30-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45760 Ambient does not work with Azure Networking Policy 30-Jun-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45914 feat(gateway): add settings to stabilize gateways for high traffic 08-Jul-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 45988 Remove test skips for Ambient Peer Authn 12-Jul-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 46365 Debug gateway test 07-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 46411 fix VirtualService HTTPRoute gets bypassed due to catch all route 09-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023 hzxuzhonghu
istio 46574 feat(gateway): Add priority class 17-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 46603 feat(gateway-api): customize gateway deployments via class annotations 18-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 46684 test wds 24-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023
istio 46692 Remove TestBookinfo ambient test 25-Aug-2023 30-Sep-2023
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019