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extensions and telemetry 12
networking 18
networking/cni 3
perf and scalability 6
security 10
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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
client-go 512 Add types for 02-Jun-2021 07-Jul-2021
istio 25293 O(n^2) code path when VirtualService references non-existent service 08-Jul-2020 23-Jul-2021 howardjohn
istio 27826 Ensure EnvoyFilter doesn't patch shared structs 08-Oct-2020 23-Jul-2021
istio 27940 Don’t ignore prometheus-operator community 14-Oct-2020 23-Jul-2021
istio 28038 Make injection template customizable for operator based installs. 16-Oct-2020 23-Jul-2021
istio 29154 analyzers for experimental and alpha features 24-Nov-2020 23-Jul-2021 esnible
istio 29334 Ingress gateway occasionally hangs and stops accepting requests 02-Dec-2020 23-Jul-2021
istio 29753 refactoring: clean up duplicated STS code 22-Dec-2020 24-Jul-2021
istio 29901 Setting pilot.jwksResolverExtraRootCA using Secrets 07-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021 DineshKrishnanG
istio 29971 Start testing kubernetes from HEAD in CI 11-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 30063 Improved Prometheus Documentation 14-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 30122 status: status updates not resilient to conflicts during writes 15-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021 therealmitchconnors
istio 30126 status: excessive goroutines/work done cluster without activity 15-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021 therealmitchconnors
istio 30130 status: CRD updates lead to excessive logs (and, possibly, perf impacts) 15-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021 therealmitchconnors
istio 30267 Message based traffic routing 21-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 30283 test statefulsets in our CI 21-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 30284 status: resources stuck in "not reconciled" 21-Jan-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 30358 [Feature request] Support outlier detection by success / failure rate 25-Jan-2021 24-Jul-2021
istio 30626 Need analyzer for conflicting namespace level resources 03-Feb-2021 23-Jul-2021 dbgoytia
istio 30733 istio-operator helm chart namespace creation 08-Feb-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 31306 istio uninstall cluster fail after upgrade with istio operator from 1.8.1 to 1.8.3 : API server conflict during finalizer removal, retrying. 08-Mar-2021 23-Jul-2021 richardwxn
istio 31690 Invalid env var marshalling in k8s resource spec 24-Mar-2021 23-Jul-2021 morvencao
istio 31943 Disconnect during CDS push leads to stuck cluster, likely due to XDS proxy 06-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 31976 istioctl uninstall fails when I only have gateways 07-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 31987 pod communication is broken when specify multiple root cert in mesh config 07-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 irisdingbj, shankgan
istio 31997 What is the format of the xDS debug responses? 07-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32034 The global default Sidecar configuration not works while no services in the namespace 08-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32059 Getting 503 on istio ingressgateway service when requesting using curl- istio version: 1.9.1 08-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32100 how to configure grafana and prometheus components belonging to another cluster! 10-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32112 Prometheus unable to scrape node-exporter after upgrade 1.7.6 -> 1.8.4 12-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32113 [Question] Question about the API /debug/config_distribution 12-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 therealmitchconnors
istio 32114 Configuring a different tracing sampling rate via proxyConfig override, removes tracing configuration completely 12-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32120 Defaulting interaction with istio-proxy container injection 12-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32130 istio looks for egress hosts to apply inbound cluster settings(connection pool settsing) 12-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32141 Default wrong for new CNI Flag *chained* in injection-template 13-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 bianpengyuan
istio 32145 istio-init container not idempotent 13-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32160 Unable to Import Istio Service Dashboard to Grafana via Web Interface Due to Emoji 🔐 14-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32166 istioctl install: "LabelSelectorRequirement(nil)}: field is immutable" 14-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32172 Test Flake: Multicluster security tests 14-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32173 Add support for contains authz header matcher 14-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 yangminzhu
istio 32196 egress gateway miss inbound metrics 15-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32207 Multiple controle Plane, Load distribution is uneven 15-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32209 opencensusagent test flake 15-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32217 projected secrets have bad permissions using defaultMode with sidecar 15-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32233 k8s jobs seem to fail as envoy proxy is not ready 16-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32242 Update test-infra automation 16-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 brian-avery
istio 32243 Make/force envoy Host header be the same as destination address (downstream) in HTTP request 16-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32259 [release-1.8.0] virtualservice is not valid 17-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32264 pass upgrade_configs parameters to envoy 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32271 Ingress gateway access log - wrong requested_server_name 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32281 cover multi-network in tracing tests 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32287 remove SkippedForMulticluster in security reachability tests 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 jtrbs, JimmyCYJ
istio 32289 No response code on ingressgateway 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32292 Allow TestSecureNaming to work with multicluster 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 myidpt, JimmyCYJ, williamaronli
istio 32294 Allow TestTrustDomainValidation to work with multicluster 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 jtrbs, JimmyCYJ, williamaronli
istio 32298 Make CNI upgrade safe 19-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 bianpengyuan
istio 32317 Additional Ingress gateway is missing service port 20-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32353 Where does the yaml analysis take place? 21-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32355 Istio AuthorizationPolicy causes 503 after running for a while 21-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32369 trustbundle: fixing spiffe trustanchor support to ensure delay in pro… 21-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32381 Global ratelimit not working 22-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32386 The pilot-agent used too much memory while the metric data is large. 22-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32394 Istio Mirror drops requests with payload > 1mb to mirror'd host 22-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32403 Istiod error verifying certificate with intermediates 22-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021 shankgan
istio 32417 istio sidecar consuming high CPU 23-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32420 AuthorizationPolicy update didn't push to sidecar when there is a global Sidecar CRD 23-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32422 The operator ARCHITECTURE doc is outdated. 23-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 32437 Improve CNI supportability 23-Apr-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33040 fix envoy process leak when systemd stop istio 23-May-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33250 add output cert and provcert to support client cert in VM 03-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33378 fix dns resolve for service entry with multi addresses 10-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33424 adding hostNetwork option 14-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33431 Refactor cluster patch 15-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33437 Make the productpage app compatible with IPv6 on Linux 15-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33486 fix pr template: draw checkbox 17-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33489 relax istiod signer authority 17-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021
istio 33520 Get hub address from 18-Jun-2021 23-Jul-2021 9632 zh-translation:zh-translation/blog/2020/steering-changes/ 28-Apr-2021 29-Jun-2021
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan
tools 156 Add two performance tests for SDS Vault CA flow 31-May-2019 15-Jul-2021
tools 421 Expose an extra port in k8s services/deployments 08-Oct-2019 15-Jul-2021