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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 7794 Implement rollout canarying between Pilot and Envoy 10-Aug-2018 19-Jun-2021 costinm
istio 14367 Pods that are not exposed via a Service are not sent some config, including fault injection and locality lb configuration 24-May-2019 19-Jun-2021
istio 16585 Support regex for ServiceRole spec.rules.paths 27-Aug-2019 19-Jun-2021 yangminzhu, liminw, diemtvu
istio 23309 perf: use dest rule h2 upgrade policy 27-Apr-2020 19-Jun-2021 richardwxn
istio 23943 Move Analysis Framework to Istiod 18-May-2020 19-Jun-2021 jasonwzm
istio 24649 service-apis controller: proper status and error handling 12-Jun-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29152 stop explosion of prow jobs for upgrade/downgrade tests 24-Nov-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29187 dial istiod.istio-system.svc:15012 i/o timeout when create a large number of pods at the same time 25-Nov-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29197 Conflicting ServiceEntries can cause proxies to not start 25-Nov-2020 19-Jun-2021 stevenctl
istio 29254 no healthy upstream being returned when service is available 29-Nov-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29279 Dashboards with multicluster support 30-Nov-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29362 IPv6 address given in DestinationRule & ServiceEntry is not available in , but available for IPv4 03-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29443 No info about limiting downstream connections in installation docs 07-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29468 Rewrite app probes doesn't handle probes which have redirects 07-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29482 Remote pilot address is bind to port 15012 (for xDs). It would be great if we can override this port, making it able to support NodePort for remode istiod. 08-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29530 Integration testing framework: ability to create custom clusters 09-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021 nmittler
istio 29549 Istio dual-stack support 10-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29565 TLS failures missing access log 10-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29597 VirtualService: Ability to choose a scheme for redirect target 12-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29614 Investigate init containers that recieve traffic 14-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29617 Open existing Prometheus 14-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29629 support replacing iptables rules with ebpf in istio-cni 15-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 29676 manifest diff command is broken 17-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021 esnible
istio 29700 PriorityClassName for Istio Operator 17-Dec-2020 19-Jun-2021
istio 30166 Incorrect RemoteIP when Authorization Policy is applied to Injected Istio Proxy 18-Jan-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 30212 Sidecar proxy keeps tcp connection established with a terminated / lost pod 20-Jan-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 30504 Memory leak in istio-proxy 29-Jan-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 30665 Gateways don't use the global tracing parameter used correctly by the mesh sidecars (istio 1.6.12) 04-Feb-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 30681 Hardcoded Zipkin Tracing Request Authority 05-Feb-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31179 Incorrect/Incomplete validation of port settings for gateways in operator profile 02-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31301 Envoy Bootstrap Binds to 15090 causing incompatibility with Sidecar Injected Prometheus workload 07-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31303 Unable to deploy ingress-gateway as a DaemonSet with version 1.9.1 07-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31308 Unable to run exec commands on pods that have istio sidecar 08-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31309 Consider converging istio-peer-exchange and istio alpn 08-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31313 Envoy filter: subfilter match requires filter match with envoy.http_connection_manager default config 08-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021 costinm
istio 31340 Globally set localityLbSetting causes pod-less endpoints to be ignored because locality of these endpoints can't be determined 09-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31359 xdsproxy failed to unmarshal node metadata when holdApplicationUntilProxyStarts is set in pod level 10-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31362 NodePort issues with mysql service 10-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31396 Add integration tests for `istioctl revision` command 11-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31411 istio upgrade failed from 1.6.14 to 1.7.8 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31414 Tracing settings do not change after updating the operator's config 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31424 TPROXY interception mode is ignored in VM setup 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31439 Inconsistent application of RequestAuthentication 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31440 "istioctl install" complains if master installed 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31443 Authenticating & authorizing access to GKE services using Istio 12-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31450 1.8.1: istioctl ps the registered virtual machine version is incorrect 13-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31458 How to enable trailers for http1 15-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31483 ServiceEntry: It's not possible to have multiple ServiceEntry resources for the same `host` name but different `ports` 16-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31497 fix workload-trust-bundle remote endpoint fetch functionality 16-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021 shankgan
istio 31507 Collect istio access logs to external db 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31513 TLS egress with sidecar isn't working as described in official documentation. 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31519 Build istio with local proxy fails 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31532 debug corsPolicy not working when calling VM that's registered in another cluster 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021 stevenctl
istio 31534 Passthrough traffic with auto mtls doesn't handle workloads scaling causing TestReachability/automtls-passthrough failures 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31536 gnutls_handshake() failed: Handshake failed in mTLS, works with SIMPLE 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31537 Validating webhook fail-close check doesn't work well with custom validators if dry run isn't supported 17-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31554 VirtualService and DestinationRules aren't applying to requests from the same namespace 18-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 31572 Auto discovery of istiod for custom gateway upon upgrade with revision 19-Mar-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 32646 fix(ingress-controller): align prefix generation. 05-May-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 32772 Support proxy inbound listen port configuration through mesh config. 11-May-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 32817 fix(apply): remain nodePorts when apply svc 12-May-2021 19-Jun-2021
istio 32852 WIP: Add injectorUserAgent annotation 13-May-2021 19-Jun-2021
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan
tools 156 Add two performance tests for SDS Vault CA flow 31-May-2019 28-Nov-2019
tools 421 Expose an extra port in k8s services/deployments 08-Oct-2019 28-Nov-2019