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extensions and telemetry 2
networking 12
security 5
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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 37294 Allow RequestAuthentication policy to require a set of JWT claims 11-Feb-2022 21-Feb-2024
istio 43700 ambient: consider customization to redirection 01-Mar-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 44035 Kubernetes Gateway Status Improvements 21-Mar-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 44701 grpcgen: inconsistent behavior with nil Service 02-May-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 45432 ingress gateway is not updated when secret is removed 13-Jun-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 46484 Feature request: include JWT header information in dynamic metadata 11-Aug-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 46568 Enable Additional Envoy Filters for WasmPlugin 17-Aug-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 46594 Support customization for Kubernetes Gateway API automated deployments 18-Aug-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47198 Default ports in `gateway` chart aren't listened to 05-Oct-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47481 File path based Gateway TLS setting is not working when using SPIRE as workload identity issuer. 20-Oct-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47629 Gateways Missing Metric Types 27-Oct-2023 21-Feb-2024 mike-weiner
istio 47740 Promote experimental proxy-status command to regular, and remove regular `proxy-status` command 06-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47802 VM Sidecar drop connections on large number of them 09-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47803 HTTPS request will be all failed if headless with 443 port but portname not start with https- 09-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47820 virtual services and service entry for wildcard service 10-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47889 read: connection reset by peer", received prior goaway: code: NO_ERROR 16-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47911 Sidecar injection: value istio-init image is broken if proxy.image is set to an image url 17-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47915 Connectivity between sidecar injected pod and NO sidecar injected pod 17-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47947 remoteIpBlocks doesn't work correctly behind Gateways with different numTrustedProxies 20-Nov-2023 22-Feb-2024
istio 47948 Disable JWT Authentication for all paths except one path 20-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 47991 Overwrite Issue in IstioOperator for Resources with Identical Names Across Namespaces 22-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 48056 Allow custom Gateway API class and controller names 27-Nov-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 48161 Envoy Filter: fallback to typed struct 04-Dec-2023 21-Feb-2024 hzxuzhonghu, ramaraochavali
istio 48448 Extend fake client 19-Dec-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 48520 Fix all log usage in istioctl to stderr 22-Dec-2023 21-Feb-2024
istio 48709 agent: host Envoy readiness port on the agent 09-Jan-2024 21-Feb-2024
istio 48717 agent: move third party providers out of core 09-Jan-2024 21-Feb-2024 13480 Consider enrich ambient architecture page 28-Jun-2023 28-Nov-2023 ronitblenz
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019