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config 1
environments 14
environments/operator 5
extensions and telemetry 3
networking 16
networking/envoy/wasm 1
perf and scalability 6
security 5
test and release 4
unassigned 15
upgrade 4
user experience 8
All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 17332 Dynamic pod labels: Spinnaker pod quarantine 24-Sep-2019 06-Mar-2021
istio 18443 Support gzip compression 29-Oct-2019 06-Mar-2021 lambdai
istio 21100 Document how to customise the tracing span names 13-Feb-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 22416 Investigate none_mtls_both vs. none_plaintext_both 24-Mar-2020 06-Mar-2021 incfly, daixiang0
istio 26800 Can the "istio control plane" only run in a k8s cluster? 25-Aug-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 26855 Istio tooling is familiar and helpful to users 27-Aug-2020 06-Mar-2021 therealmitchconnors, esnible
istio 26857 UX Affecting Istio cloud operators / admins 27-Aug-2020 06-Mar-2021 therealmitchconnors, esnible
istio 26858 Ecosystem developers can integrate troubleshooting features 27-Aug-2020 06-Mar-2021 therealmitchconnors, esnible
istio 27006 Need to specify SameSite (None) as one of the options while using cookie for sticky sessions 02-Sep-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 27116 Update k8s ServiceShards when push instead of in endpoint event handler 08-Sep-2020 07-Mar-2021
istio 27135 Istioctl x remove-from-mesh should not add the no-inject annotation after uninjecting a deployment 08-Sep-2020 06-Mar-2021 esnible
istio 27635 wasm: stat prefix is hard-coded 29-Sep-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 28236 Multi Control Plane provision failed 23-Oct-2020 06-Mar-2021 lei-tang
istio 28555 istioctl upgrade in-place has confusing output 04-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 28595 istioctl upgrade fails for 1.6.x to 1.7.x demo profile 04-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 carolynhu
istio 28939 proxy failed to connect to istiod.istio-system.svc:15012 with user-specified secret 16-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 myidpt, shankgan
istio 28964 Canary Upgrade with Operator Seems Unusable 17-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 28994 BlackHole when REGISTRY_ONLY to GKE Metadata Server 18-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29136 istio/tools: present istio performance comparison results among different istio releases 23-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29152 stop explosion of prow jobs for upgrade/downgrade tests 24-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29165 Support container based HPA scaling 24-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29175 Backwards incompatibility issue with Redis after canary deployment of Istio control plane 24-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29187 dial istiod.istio-system.svc:15012 i/o timeout when create a large number of pods at the same time 25-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29188 Istio Operator Update Error with nodeSeletor 25-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 morvencao
istio 29192 limits for defaultResources could not be applied. 25-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29197 Conflicting ServiceEntries can cause proxies to not start 25-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 stevenctl
istio 29214 Nondeterministic behaviour of istio-ingressgateway with mTLS 26-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29220 Load balancer assignment behavior inconsistent 26-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29229 Multicluster routing intermittently fails 27-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29230 Overlay mechanism does not apply change to all matching elements in list 27-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29273 Istiod serving outdated mesh config 30-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29279 Dashboards with multicluster support 30-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 carolynhu
istio 29284 [Testing] Support real stackdriver 30-Nov-2020 06-Mar-2021 douglas-reid
istio 29289 Please change oracle jdk to openjdk 01-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29291 Istio Ingressgateway Cannot Proxy HTTPS from port 443 01-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29301 Istio Ingress Gateway is giving following Error: transport: returning. connection error: desc = "transport is closing" 01-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29305 Release Maturity Dashboard For Istio 01-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29306 Istio controller doesn't properly handle modification of k8s annotations 01-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021 morvencao
istio 29342 bug-report has no timeout on requests to proxy 02-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021 stewartbutler, ostromart
istio 29349 Make JwtKeyResolver non global 03-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29394 Ignore reconciling IstioOperator CR by annotation only 04-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021 richardwxn
istio 29405 Potential wrong cluster instances when pod occur later than endpoint 04-Dec-2020 07-Mar-2021
istio 29431 Envoy external auth filter is not work with istio 1.8 version 06-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29434 Can pilot support xds configuration grayscale delivery to envoy 06-Dec-2020 07-Mar-2021
istio 29661 apply labels for empty CR name and namespace. 16-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021
istio 29831 translate shared helm values only once for different istio components. 31-Dec-2020 06-Mar-2021 richardwxn
istio 30006 filter multi-network gateway services by revision label 12-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30142 Experimental support for K8S Event reporting 16-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30145 Add version guard in Istiod telemetry filter config for 1.9+ proxies 17-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30155 Added nodeSelector on discovery/gateways deployment templates 18-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30231 Adds template option for gateway lifecycles to ingress/egress helm charts 20-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30260 optimize cluster patch 21-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30287 Use percent of proxies instead of global counter for distribution status 21-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30391 traffic simulation: add false positive support 26-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30400 renaming validating webhook similar to mutating webhook 26-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30439 Add regex rewrite 27-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30494 Enable Analysis for all tests 29-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30528 [release-1.8] pilot: skip privileged ports when building listeners for non-root gat… 30-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30536 Repair cni resources 31-Jan-2021 06-Mar-2021
istio 30542 fix reconcile message 01-Feb-2021 06-Mar-2021
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan
tools 156 Add two performance tests for SDS Vault CA flow 31-May-2019 28-Nov-2019
tools 421 Expose an extra port in k8s services/deployments 08-Oct-2019 28-Nov-2019