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Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 24521 high cpu usage for workload entry registration 08-Jun-2020 08-Aug-2022 therealmitchconnors
istio 27826 Ensure EnvoyFilter doesn't patch shared structs 08-Oct-2020 08-Aug-2022
istio 35348 AWS NLB's health check fails if nodeports are updated 24-Sep-2021 08-Aug-2022
istio 36040 Allow outbound passthrough on reserved ports 11-Nov-2021 08-Aug-2022
istio 36214 Fix istioctl analyze having new config store errors 23-Nov-2021 08-Aug-2022 therealmitchconnors
istio 36448 fatal error: concurrent map iteration and map write in /debug/registryz 09-Dec-2021 08-Aug-2022 kebe7jun
istio 36792 Validate IOP fields for DNS1123 compliance 11-Jan-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 36899 kube-inject panic 19-Jan-2022 08-Aug-2022 therealmitchconnors
istio 37021 Consolidate STS code 26-Jan-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 37160 Support terminating HTTPS on Sidecar's IstioEgressListener 04-Feb-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 37183 Add a new approach for CA integration through the Envoy SDS API. 07-Feb-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 37330 Simplify TLS configuration on sidecar proxy 14-Feb-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 37611 TLS on sidecar proxy implementation always uses http1.1 even when ALPN negotiation during TLS has h2 01-Mar-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38105 Support default cluster in VirtualService 24-Mar-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38148 istioctl analyze: showing invalid error on release 1.13.2 28-Mar-2022 08-Aug-2022 zirain
istio 38277 Customizing Istio Metrics with unexpected metrics 07-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38348 Prometheus is unable to scrape multi container metrics 12-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38428 Unable to create Sidecar socket listener that points to a remote service 18-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38484 Envoy not resolving host defined in serviceentry 21-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38541 istio-proxy sds failed to warn certificate x509: certficate signed by unknown authority 24-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38547 No packets were captured at inbound or outbound 24-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38553 EnvoyFilter cannot guarantee idempotency for route configuration 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38554 Can't get the target port from the serviceentry generated by the xds api generator 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38555 Anthos Service Mesh: Istio Installation Unsuccessful on Anthos on Vmware 1.10 version: Facing http2: client connection lost error 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38557 IstioOperator option for setting serviceCluster args for ingress gateway 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38562 meshNetworks weird error: Invalid network number input 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38573 telemetry api datadog configuration missing service name 25-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38588 excludeOutboundIPRanges doesn't work 26-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38592 validatingwebhookconfiguration not cleaned up on upgrade 26-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38601 [release-1.12] add listener tcp metadata exchange filter only when enabled 26-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022 ramaraochavali
istio 38608 increase in latency with oprhan socket count high 27-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38614 DestinationRule. trafficPolicy don't work for ServiceEntry with VIPs 27-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38615 Allow RequestAuthentication to pass for invalid tokens 27-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38616 adjust weight for TCP service,the TCP connection will be interrupted. 27-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38621 istioctl: inefficient Discovery 27-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38649 Encounter "Connection refused: connect" when access application pod via Istio ingress gateway in AKS 28-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38655 MariaDB Galera cluster crashes with istio mTLS mode STRICT 28-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38665 Facing Connectivity issues in GRPC Calls ( Upstream connect error or disconnect/reset before headers ) after adding istio as sidecar 29-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38674 Zipkin tracing disappeared after upgrade 1.8.x => 1.11.3 29-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38688 Can't disable injected proxy (envoy) concurrency parameter 30-Apr-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38710 Analysis constantly spams "error on get" 03-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38719 serviceentry addresses config won't be domains ,preview version can? 04-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38720 Prometheus in Istio Mesh cannot scrape metrics when PeerAuthentication MTLS mode is Permissive 04-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38743 istioctl verify-install doesn't detect mis-matching CRDs 04-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38748 Upgrade istio from 1.8.1 to 1.10.1 with Helm 05-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38755 Jaeger MTLS Mode for Apps outside the mesh 05-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38768 Upgrade istio from 1.8.1 to 1.10.1 with Helm,upgrade istio base set revision=canary can not work 05-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38769 Ingress gateways rolling restart causes websocket closure. 06-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38782 Istio+Dapr+ consul as nameresolution service invocation encounter a problem 07-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38792 Helm installation of ingressgateway is inconsistent in the docs 08-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38795 demo-bookinfo-productpage-15001 no traffic 09-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38804 Subset rules don't behave the same when inside the mesh 09-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38820 Envoy sidecar intercepting TCP traffic 10-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38822 Cluster session affinity for multiple services (multi-cluster) 10-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 38824 istio-proxy start failed due to `Address already in use` 10-May-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39375 Add new well known pilot dns TLS cert loading - making it zero config for istio-csr installation 09-Jun-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39597 prepare selector compute 24-Jun-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39602 Fix merge trafficpolicy 24-Jun-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39696 bugfix(accesslog): allow different provider between modes 29-Jun-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39798 istioctl experimental metrics: add service metrics support 06-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022
istio 39839 custom hpa spec for ingress 08-Jul-2022 08-Aug-2022
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 29-Jul-2022 bianpengyuan