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Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 27280 Set reasonable "max_connection_duration" and "drain_timeout" default in istio ingress 13-Sep-2020 13-Jun-2024
istio 41536 EnvoyFilter not matching on other EnvoyFilter with lower priority 20-Oct-2022 13-Jun-2024
istio 45045 Istio proxy - segmentation fault with mangled DNS name 23-May-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 47427 Support root cert rotation without downtime in ambient 18-Oct-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 47967 Support pluggable waypoint 21-Nov-2023 13-Jun-2024 ilrudie
istio 48086 headersToDownstreamOnAllow in envoyExtAuthzHttp should not include content-type 29-Nov-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 48108 Add support for async_fetch in remote_jwks in Request Authentication 30-Nov-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 48275 echo test server: use json 11-Dec-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 48317 Sidecar injector precedence should be given to pod labels 13-Dec-2023 13-Jun-2024
istio 48836 Recommended approach for TLS requests from services outside of mesh to services within mesh 17-Jan-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49496 istioctl proxy-config does not work on EKS IPv6 clusters 22-Feb-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49553 Header operation does not take effect if value is set to empty string 26-Feb-2024 13-Jun-2024 zengyuxing007
istio 49556 metrics: how to get the original host if rewrite host 26-Feb-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49584 Istio should consistently set transport socket match for headless services attached to ingress gateway 27-Feb-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49631 SourceLabel disables all VS in sidecar 29-Feb-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49660 503 UC upstream_reset_before_response_started{connection_termination} 01-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49661 After upgrading istio 1.19.6 we are facing OPTIONS call preflight failure 01-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49670 Sanity check envoy checksum during private Envoy builds 01-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024 lgadban
istio 49673 Service defined on port 80 causes VS cannot capture traffic with specific host 02-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49680 Inconsistent routing behavior in Ambient virtual service 03-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49683 Investigate wildcard case bugs 03-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49701 Intermittent upstream connection drop 05-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49769 DNS Proxying for Headless Services resolves to old POD IPs 06-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49777 Envoy exited with error: signal: segmentation fault 07-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49781 Apply LuaPerRoute filter to the weighted cluster 07-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49787 istio-proxy got stuck in podInitializing status. Init containers can't startup and external traffic blocked for init containers while istio-proxy stuck 07-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49793 TestBadWasmRemoteLoad test flakes 07-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49799 Should ztunnel forward tcp traffic to waypoint? 08-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024 zengyuxing007
istio 49807 WASM introduces bad (wrongly extracted?) metrics in Envoy 08-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49808 Leadership election is arbitrary between revisions unless tags are used. 08-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49826 SSH Handshake failure since 1.20 10-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49832 Istio Service Entry Load balancing not accurate 11-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49862 Cannot see liveness probe and readiness probe logs in envoy proxy logs 12-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49868 Investigate Envoy deferred object creation 12-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49870 Update Destination rule to include attributes value 12-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024 zengyuxing007
istio 49874 After customizing the spiffeId, the error message "verify cert failed: SAN matcher" is reported when running mtls. 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49875 Improper retry in cni for get ambient pod? 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49877 It alway return 404 when I call api via istio gateway 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49884 response_flags: DC marked as an error 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49885 Build survey for usage of `--set compatibilityVersion` 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49887 XDS Proxy: support partially valid WASM rewrites 13-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49917 Local Rate Limiting EnvoyFilter stops working with annotation. 14-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49918 ambient: make waypoint Delta XDS optimized 14-Mar-2024 14-Jun-2024
istio 49922 Delta NDS doesn't send InitialResourceVersions, presumably breaking removals on reconnect 14-Mar-2024 13-Jun-2024
istio 49930 Envoyfilter with BOOTSTRAP configuration is not working with cluster created from service entry 15-Mar-2024 14-Jun-2024
istio 50587 fully use buf to generate go from proto 21-Apr-2024 13-Jun-2024
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019