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config 1
environments 14
environments/operator 4
extensions and telemetry 8
networking 7
networking/envoy 2
networking/envoy/wasm 2
perf and scalability 3
security 6
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unassigned 11
user experience 7
All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 23409 Option to configure JWKs public key refresh interval 30-Apr-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 23600 Ignoring istio time span 07-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 23627 Plugin flag for istioctl manifest/apply 07-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 23948 Using istiod as an RA 18-May-2020 28-Nov-2020 myidpt
istio 23985 Need Docs/Guide on setting trust-between-meshes 20-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 24018 Allow users to configure preStop per pod 21-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 24152 Merge Keyfactor CA provider 27-May-2020 28-Nov-2020 myidpt
istio 24160 WorkloadEntry bootstrapping automation 28-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 24185 Updated Documentation for Istio Soft Multitenancy 28-May-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 24703 "unsharded" view of XDS 16-Jun-2020 28-Nov-2020 costinm
istio 25059 Private GKE Istio 1.6.3 default profile installation - no "EnvoyFilter" in version "" 27-Jun-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 25155 Spammy logs: Distribution Event Queue overwhelmed, status will be invalid. 01-Jul-2020 28-Nov-2020 therealmitchconnors
istio 25860 istioctl experimental remove-from-mesh deployment istio-egressgateway -n istio-system * failed to update deployment "istio-egressgateway.istio-system" for service "istio-egressgateway.istio-system" due to Deployment.apps "istio-egressgateway" is invalid: spec.template.spec.containers: Required value 25-Jul-2020 28-Nov-2020 esnible
istio 26208 istioctl ps fails when running on central Istiod single cluster scenario 06-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26262 Can not add a new label to already existing prometheus metric requestcount 07-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 kyessenov
istio 26294 Consolidate and fix VM docs 07-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 jasonwzm, williamaronli
istio 26316 Signing Workload Certificate via custom Certificate Authorities 10-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26414 Expose envoy non-stats info as metrics thru agent 12-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26418 readinessProbe fails in cluster-local-gateway when envoy metrics grow much bigger 12-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26472 Istio-operator's resource names hardcoded in helm chart 13-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26492 Wasm local filename extensions never unloaded when EnvoyFilter deleted 14-Aug-2020 29-Nov-2020 yuval-k
istio 26548 stackdriver segmentation fault on reload 16-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26557 Missing destination_ip field in blocked tcp connections metrics 17-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 gargnupur
istio 26583 istiod getting scheduled on windows nodes. 17-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26595 Process to setup customized build pipeline for istio 18-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26614 istioctl install got `Invalid value: must be unique` error 18-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26667 Operator 1.7 ordering change hpaSpec.minReplicas now overrides values...autoscaleMin 19-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26668 Annotation `` no longer works 19-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 stewartbutler
istio 26696 Improve the accurate line number feature to make it more convenient for developers 20-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26715 Multi-level Wildcard Ordering 21-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26736 ExternalIPs of ingressgateway not effect using helm values 22-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26744 1.7 lacks documentation for new IstioOperator values 23-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26789 Multicluster book-info version not routing 25-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26790 SSL_ERROR_CERTIFICATE_UNKNOWN_ALERT 25-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26799 doubt if istio really support statefulset application Now. 25-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26803 On Istio upgrade - error installer, the object provided is unrecognized 25-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 elfinhe
istio 26818 Ingress gateway Envoy asserts with EnvoyFilter 26-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26829 Replace policy enforcement tasks on 26-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020 bianpengyuan, gargnupur
istio 26830 Bootstrap patch API 26-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26848 Upstream response time metric 27-Aug-2020 29-Nov-2020 bianpengyuan
istio 26872 Istio responding 502 with AWS NLB integration, works fine for classic ELB 27-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26886 istiod auto-scaled pod sends bad CDS information to istio-proxies during short lifespan: istio 1.6.8 28-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 26905 Istio multicluster 404 not found when using wildcards 29-Aug-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 27239 cert template remove SignatureAlgorithm 11-Sep-2020 28-Nov-2020 myidpt, jacob-delgado
istio 27299 update CODEOWNERS 14-Sep-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 27486 Comply to helm3's way of handling namespaces 23-Sep-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 27543 istioctl/cmd/remove-from-mesh:Don't remove 'istio-proxy' if it is only container and don't remove used volumes 25-Sep-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 27743 proxyv2 - update Dockerfile to use distroless multi-arch image 05-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 27957 Support the docker build on s390x 14-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020 sdake, ericvn
istio 28074 configurable logging in operator chart 19-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 28097 Endpoint label test 20-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 28098 WIP: Adds support for URI RegexRewrites 20-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 28182 WIP: operator test 22-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 28185 istioctl can specify different tags with multi gateways 22-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020
istio 28297 Allow patching multiple webhooks 27-Oct-2020 28-Nov-2020 5041 Split the VirtualService for routing through the egress gateway into two parts 23-Sep-2019 25-Dec-2019 GregHanson
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
proxy 2800 authn: wasm implementation 13-Apr-2020 23-Jul-2020 bianpengyuan
tools 156 Add two performance tests for SDS Vault CA flow 31-May-2019 28-Nov-2019
tools 421 Expose an extra port in k8s services/deployments 08-Oct-2019 28-Nov-2019