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extensions and telemetry 3
networking 18
networking/envoy/wasm 1
perf and scalability 9
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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 13861 Unable to remove server header 07-May-2019 02-Dec-2022 rshriram
istio 33295 wasm: optimize proxy_wasm::null_plugin::getProperty and/or usages of it 07-Jun-2021 02-Dec-2022
istio 36899 kube-inject panic 19-Jan-2022 02-Dec-2022 therealmitchconnors
istio 37828 Deployment cannot be created again with the same name in IstioOperator 09-Mar-2022 03-Dec-2022
istio 38148 istioctl analyze: showing invalid error on release 1.13.2 28-Mar-2022 02-Dec-2022 zirain
istio 38716 Istiod memory leak with 1.13.3 04-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 38896 Don't trigger pushes when updating K8s service annotations not releated to istio 13-May-2022 03-Dec-2022
istio 39049 Getting different results with Helm x Istioctl installation 19-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39079 Allow to configure LoadBalancerClass for service in gateway helm chart 21-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39127 Histogram metric for Istio sidecar processing delay 25-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39163 Missing calls to external services in the istio-proxy logs 27-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39210 Tunnel client TLS to gateway using mTLS issue 31-May-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39220 Improve Classifying Metrics Performance 01-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39279 Istio sending external http traffic to blackhole when address ends with .local and DNS_PROXY and AUTO_ALLOCATION is enabled 03-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39303 Start with development help: trying to just make fails with "make[1]: dirname: Operation not permitted" 06-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39459 pilot-discovery periodically reads server disk data, resulting in high IO 15-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39469 [Proxy] gRPC client cancellation shows up as "UNKNOWN" in istio metrics 15-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022 kyessenov
istio 39576 StatefulSets Peer Discovery 23-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39578 Failed to mount NFS volume with Istio mTLS enabled 23-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39701 TCP Traffic not always routed to correct namespace/subdomain 29-Jun-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 39926 Terminated rpc error: code = Canceled desc = context canceled 14-Jul-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40022 When using external profile install or generate manifest duplicate services and endpoints created. 20-Jul-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40408 HTTP2 \ gRPC metrics 11-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40560 Change logging levels for pilot-agent on the fly 19-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40585 [istioctl] cluster connection configuration options 22-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40604 HTTP2 on the mesh for HTTP/1.1 upstream destination? 22-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40608 Single Rate limit bucket with weighted request to consume tokens. 23-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40611 Is it possible to export istiod metrics over https? 23-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40619 HTTP idleTimeout only apply to Clusters, not to the upstream service's HTTP Filters 23-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40621 Cross cluster traffic will encounter connection problem when one of the cluster has nodes scale-in 23-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40630 HTTP 2 incomplete request body 24-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40638 Tests: drop cert expiration time in tests to test renewal 24-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40639 istio-proxy for application pod complaining : 200 UR upstream_reset_before_response_started{remote_reset} 24-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40640 Not able to connect to mysql database present outside kubernetes cluster via egressgateway and service entry 24-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40646 Unable to connect only to external MongoDB v4.0 (AWS DocumentDB) & read replica DNS (Mongo v3.6 and primary DNS work) with istio-proxy 25-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40664 Easier way to route to individual StatefulSet pods? 26-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40666 Scrape Envoy prometheus application metrics on 15090 with mtls enabled 26-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40670 Was the response data hijacked after ProductPage requested Reviews? 26-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40693 Missing information about istio metrics labels available 29-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40695 Pod not starting correctly, seems stuck mid-start, no error message in the logs 29-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40705 Memory will leak in long run 30-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40708 empty public key found in cache 30-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40718 Jwt issuer is not configured 30-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40743 Secure GRPC not working 31-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40747 Bootstrap discovery service regression 31-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40749 Removing "PROXY_XDS_VIA_AGENT" from docs. 31-Aug-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40752 Add xds cache concurrent read/write benchmark test 01-Sep-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40772 locality load balance not working , 02-Sep-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 40800 remove enabled components in object caches when exec prune 05-Sep-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41452 add test for MaxConcurrentReconciles config 15-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41482 ambient: refactor CmdAdd in istio-cni to make it less nested 18-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41504 Update main.go 19-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41516 istioctl example: Modify the example display format of 'istioctl x version -h' and 'istioctl profile -h' 19-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41567 Add Sidecar validation for duplicate hosts on port 20-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41647 Update Sidecar Scopes 26-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41665 [release-1.14] Add delete configmap privilege to fix distribution report cleanup 27-Oct-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41710 [fix] fix err handler 01-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41716 Further Optimize MostSpecificHostMatch 01-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022
istio 41718 Test CI with debug image 01-Nov-2022 02-Dec-2022
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019