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All Stale Issues
Repository Number Title Created Last Updated Assigned To
istio 34169 Settings for http2 initial stream/connection window sizes 20-Jul-2021 14-Apr-2024
istio 45511 Ordering of WasmPlugin and AuthorizationPolicy 16-Jun-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 45604 Turn down or down-scope policy bot 22-Jun-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 46012 Proposal: deprecate some logging options. 13-Jul-2023 15-Apr-2024
istio 47219 Add possibility of adding condition when CUSTOM auth policy has been used 06-Oct-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 47273 Support multiple addresses for IstioEndpoint based on proposal 10-Oct-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 47278 Forward B3 tracing headers in envoyExtAuthzHttp side requests 10-Oct-2023 15-Apr-2024
istio 47310 Support for readiness probe options for pilot in the helm chart 11-Oct-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 48028 Memory leak in the Istio sidecar proxy 24-Nov-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 48218 Add support for rolling update deployment strategy in istio/gateway chart. 07-Dec-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 48223 Istio 1.20 | http/1.1 protocol error: INVALID_HEADER_FORMAT 07-Dec-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 48290 traffic error when mtls switch close to strict 12-Dec-2023 14-Apr-2024
istio 48295 Change `custom-gateway` labels 12-Dec-2023 14-Apr-2024 husnialhamdani
istio 48604 Header operations are not correctly merged in virtual service delegation 02-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48613 IST0162 analyzer erroneously returning warning when it should not 02-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48614 Ambient flake: : TestTraffic/dns 02-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48643 introducing `default` revision in a revisioned cluster breaks it 04-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48698 opentelemetry tracing breaks sidecar injection 09-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48702 Clean up annotations 09-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024 linsun
istio 48715 Tracking bug: Reduce istio-agent binary size 09-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024 howardjohn
istio 48739 After upgrading to istio 1.20.1 , communication fails to rds mysql 10-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 48754 Intermittent CORS issue 10-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024 ojasgo
istio 48956 Add ability to set gateway container's lifecycle hooks 24-Jan-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 49353 Remove ambient bookinfo integration tests and move necessary ones to baseline echo int tests 13-Feb-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 49782 Feature/istio proxy add additional volumes 07-Mar-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 49825 enable ISTIO_MULTIROOT_MESH by default 10-Mar-2024 14-Apr-2024
istio 49923 helm: Add default `divisor` for `GOMEMLIMIT` and `GOMAXPROCS` 14-Mar-2024 14-Apr-2024 13480 Consider enrich ambient architecture page 28-Jun-2023 28-Nov-2023 ronitblenz
operator 306 update controller version. 29-Sep-2019 28-Nov-2019
test-infra 3792 generate on branching added extra image: field on jobs pointing to master 21-Jan-2022 13-Mar-2024